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LGBTQ+ Mental Health
& Mindfulness Coach

When we’re in the shade, it can be hard to see the sunlight - but that doesn’t mean that the sunlight isn’t there. Usually there's just something in the way. What’s in your way?

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Coaching with Brian

I believe wellness to be about our ability to flow freely through the inherent challenges of the culture we live in & the natural hardships that come with the human condition. My malleable coaching approach is aimed at expanding client awareness in a way that will allow them the emotional competence & mindful capability to rejoin the flow of life when stuck. It’s about figuring out what works for you, which may be different than what works for someone else.

As a member of the queer community, I enjoy collaborating with individuals to discover & embrace their authentic selves in a supportive, compassionate, & judgment-free space.

Common topics addressed with clients include overcoming self-esteem issues, building confidence, increasing self-love, developing self-acceptance, releasing shame, establishing boundaries, managing stress & anxiety, healing internalized homophobia, exploring gender identity, & navigating sex/dating/relationships.

Outside of coaching, I have a long background as a performer, love working with artists & creatives, & have a strong passion for LGBTQ+ advocacy & storytelling.

Brian's Blog

Writing is a way that I process. Sharing is a way that I connect. Connecting is a way that I heal. So whenever anyone takes the time to read my blog, it means the world to me. It's a creative space in which I aim to be as authentically visible as possible on my journey towards expanded self-awareness & conscious awakening.

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What people say about Brian:

5 gold stars

"Brian is of a compassionate & empathetic nature. His keen sense of listening will open you up & make you feel comfortable & safe to share your story. His authentic desire to help & be of service will make the work feel effortless. With Brian, you’ll get that push we all need from time to time & you’ll feel like you’re in good hands.."

- Ben

5 gold stars

"Brian was very encouraging & engaging. He has a great sense of humor & he made me feel heard & comfortable to share. He has a unique ability to quickly sense what is important, identifying priorities & reflecting back."

- Mark

5 gold stars

"Brian came into my life during a trying time. After meeting him for the first time it was like taking a breath of fresh air.  He gave me tools to make me a stronger person emotionally and mentally. And it felt so organic. Working with Brian I found myself happier, less anxious, calmer, more confident. I truly appreciate how Brian has helped me progress."

- Briana

5 gold stars

"I came to Brian at a point in my life when I really needed to reframe my mindset. During my sessions, I never felt forced to talk about the problems I was dealing with, but Brian created such a safe and comforting space that allowed me to fully express my emotions without feeling any judgment. Overall, I'm incredibly grateful for my time with Brian."

- Leah

5 gold stars

"Working with Brian helped lift me out of some dark & confusing feelings. Brian is both compassionate & practical in his work, offering exercises & practices, or a simple reality check to diffuse anxious thoughts."

- Cara

5 gold stars

"Working with Brian has been truly transcendent. He has contributed to mass internal healing, & has showed me how I can train myself to not only think positively but to grow a concrete foundation of self-esteem.  I would highly suggest anyone to start working with Brian. He will shine light in places that you never considered looking at."


5 gold stars

"You can expect him to be as true to you as he is with himself. If you’re looking for outside the box thinking & perspectives, Brian is your man."

- Moshe

5 gold stars

"In one of my first sessions with Brian he told me that I already knew the true me, which was one of my biggest goals going into coaching. I thought he was crazy because I most definitely did not know, but with his hard work, dedication, communication, belief, and trust he helped me to understand that I did know all along."

- Dayna

5 gold stars

"Brian’s approach of full unbiased active listening while providing actionable tools has given me the confidence and reassurance to persevere through my circumstances and self-regulate. I would not only highly recommend Brian as a coach but also hope everyone has at least one person like Brian in their lives."

- David

5 gold stars

"The topics discussed in meetings, as well as the between-session practice, often had good lessons & recommended mindsets that I’ll certainly use in the future. I really valued having someone to compassionately acknowledge what I was struggling with, & someone to help me recognize I was hardly the first person to feel that way."

- Sean

5 gold stars

“Brian has helped me gain back control in my life. He has opened my eyes to what I am truly capable of. Each week, we continue adding ‘tools to my toolbox’ which has been an amazing method to help me feel more powerful. I believe everyone can benefit from a Life Coach.”

- Grace

5 gold stars

"Brian helped me make smart monthly goals, encouraged me to take time for myself, & most importantly, he reminded me to celebrate my successes! From our 1st phone call, I felt 100% comfortable sharing anything I wanted with him. His questions were thought provoking & his assignments inspiring. I’m so glad to call him my coach!"

- Molly

5 gold stars

"One of the best decisions was to reach out to Brian. With his support, he helped me see the positives within myself and run with them. Brian's life coaching services were inspiring, exuberant, and spectacular. He made me more confident, more aware, and more reflective of my thoughts. I am now focusing on me and this all stems from Brian's coaching."